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About Ministry HR Group

Creative HR Solutions

Ministry HR Group handles all areas of Human Resources for Christian organizations, both nonprofit and for profit.  We continually seek Biblical and innovative ways to care for the people who care for your mission. 


When our founder, Bea Rosenhauch, worked for Pine Cove Christian Camps, she received many calls from various Christian ministries looking for HR guidance. We felt led to answer the call to guide US-based Christian organizations, non-profit and for-profit, through HR issues. We have provided HR Strategy and Programs for many different types of organizations, such as camps, a tech start-up, a medical clinic and more.

Our combined experience of 41 years  in HR and 50 years in ministry leadership means we can support you through any season.  We are also hiring more experienced, ministry-savvy HR Consultants so that we can be ready to respond to any client need. 


Give us a call today to set up your first consultation.

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