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HR Services

Being Christ in the Workplace
Protecting Christ in the Workplace

Business Meeting
Business Meeting
Job interview

Free 1 Hour Consultation

Have a specific topic that's keeping you awake, or just exploring HR options? Let's chat!  This one is on the house. 

Engage People
in Your Core Values

Let's align all your HR and people programs to drive your cultural values and mission deep into the everyday life of each employee.

HR Audit

What happens with a background check hit? Who coaches Managers on communication? We can complete a compliance and best practice audit to identify where you have potential liabilities.

Asian woman having a job interview
Business Consultation
Dermatology Consultation

Hiring & Onboarding

Let's staff each role with the perfect fit, even in tumultuous Recruiting times such as these. Ministry HR Group has tools and Recruiting-savvy team members ready to serve. 

Compensation Analysis

Employees With changing pay landscapes, how are you keeping up? Are you retaining your hard-earned talent? We do market studies, benchmarking and compensation bands, Total Reward Statements, and more.

Benefits Strategy

What strategy questions do you ask during Benefits Renewal Planning? What options have you tried? We can make this a lot easier for you, and your employees.

Legal Consultant
Smiling Colleague
Study group

Employee Handbooks

When was your Handbook last audited? Who owns the compliance updates, to keep your organization safe and aligned? Call us for your audit! 

Performance Management

Your star employee's performance changed for no apparent reason? We specialize in giving employees dignified roadmaps for coaching, feedback and growth. 

Employee Surveys and Engagement

Your employees tell you everything is fine, but what would they tell a third party HR company? When was the last time your employees told you what they really need to accomplish the mission? 

People During Workshop
Open Workspace
Couple Sitting with Financial Advisor

Training & Development

How do employees turn into Managers? How does a Specialist develop in their career? We have training options for Managers and Employees, as well as Development Programs for every role.

Building Your Organization

How do you know when to promote? What positions will you need next year? How do you measure the impact on orgnados on your staff morale? We're here for all of the above, and more. 

Managing Change

What type of system do you use for cascading important messages? Who champions for employees in big Leadership meetings? This is often the biggest and costliest blindspot for Leadership. Let us help. 

Founded on the Rock of Biblical Wisdom

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